Drought & Watering Tips
Town of Briarcliffe Acres

Water Conservation tips from SC DNR: Bureau of Water
1.   Water yards wisely .
2.   Remember that landscaping is most likely your number one user of water.
3.   Your lawn and plants benefit most from slow, thorough and infrequent
4.   Minimize evaporation by watering in the early morning or evening .
5.   Install irrigation systems with automatic timers.
6.   Mulch to retain water.
7.   Plant hardy, water-saving plants.
8.   Mow less frequently in dry times
9.   Over watering combined with high humidity creates fungus diseases on      
plants and lawns which are very hard to get rid of.

Car Washing
1. Use a shut-off nozzle, and don’t run the water while washing the car.
2. Direct runoff to water your landscaping.
3. Choose a car wash that recycles water.

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