Road Sealing Project

Proposed schedule - weather permitting, scheduled to begin Monday, May 13

**If the roadways are wet the day of work, scheduling could be delayed later in the PM or until the next day**      

 *Please turn off your irrigation system on the scheduled roads the day prior to work*.                  


Monday         Cedar Lane                                                                

                       Hickory Lane                                                            

                       Dogwood Lane                                                         

 Tuesday         Cypress Lane                                                             

                       Cabana Road (North Gate Road to Beach Drive)

 Wednesday   North Gate Road (128 to North Gate Extension)            

                      Live Oak Lane                                                                      

                      Holly Lane                                                               

                      Evergreen Lane                                                         

 Thursday       Beach Drive (North Gate Extension to Cabana Road)    

                       Palmetto Lane                                                          

                       Center Drive (Middle Gate Road to South Gate Road)          

                       Cherry Lane  

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