2016 Firewise Event

To all 2016 Fire Wise participants,

Fire Wise 2016 is over and we would like to thank everyone who participated in the event.  This is always an excellent opportunity to clean up our lots and to make them more resistant to brush fires. We appreciate the efforts put into the cleanup as well as your cooperation in completing your Recorder Sheets.  As many of you know, and for those who are new to the Town, these figures are used in obtaining matching funds from the State Forestry Service.

Under the supervision of John Wylie and assistance of Bob Hock, we tried something new this year.  We eliminated the chipper which resulted in a quieter, cleaner, and faster cleanup.  It worked very well.  The contractor used a “Grabber” mounted on a large bed truck to pick up the piles; they were loaded directly onto the truck or the two large dump trailers accompanying the truck.  The total time spent in the cleanup was only 5.5 days.  Everything went smoothly.

We had 99 families to participate this year, contributing 1,665 hours.  In addition, participants paid outside contractors $22,622 to assist in their clean up.  Approximately 53 tons of debris was carried to the landfill.

The Town’s cost to carry the debris away was $9,000 which will be reimbursed by a Forestry Service grant.

Thanks again for helping us make it another successful Fire Wise Event.

Huston Huffman