White Point Swash

Dear Residents:

We received final approval for remediation measures on the swash from OCRM and DHEC today; this will allow us to proceed with opening up the swash.  The Corps of Engineers has approved opening up the swash, but approval for the overall project will not come until May.

Horry County dispatched track hoes and trucks and began excavating early this morning.  They are planning to excavate a flow path 150 ft.  wide which should prevent a redirection or filling in of the new swash path.  Work is proceeding quickly;  the swash should be drained by Tuesday and  have water flowing in and out with the tides.

The County wisely barricaded approaches from both directions so onlookers are unable to get too close.  The view is great from the Cabana or from North Beach Plantation.

WMBF News conducted an interview and filmed the swash last Thursday.  It aired this morning and will probably run again, later today.

Other local stations WPDE and WBTW filmed and conducted interviews this morning and this afternoon;  the reporters were able to get some good shots of the swash and the excavating.  

We expect the Corps of Engineers approval of the ten- year permit in mid May.  Unfortunately,  since Turtle Nesting Season is May 1 - October 31, this will be too late for us to restore the dunes this spring.  Removal of the sandbar and restoration of the dunes will not happen before December.  


  Huston Huffman