south carolina golf cart laws

  1. Have your license with you.
  2. All golf carts must have a blue SC registration sticker and insurance.
  3. Golf carts can only operate in daylight hours

For more information, please visit the SCDMV website

Parents: Please do not allow young children to drive your golf cart (even with you on board) as it presents increased risk and liability for you as a parent.


Did you know that the town not only has a leash law but now has a pooper scooper law, as required by the Town's Stormwater permit issued by DHEC?
From the Stormwater Ordinance- Dog waste: Residents must be prepared to promptly pick up their dog (pet) waste on town property and on other people's property and properly dispose of it. Fine of $50.  


The Police Department reminds us that prevention is the key to stopping crime.  Follow these simple  steps:

  • Keep your doors locked including garage doors and sheds.
  • Remove valuables from your car and keep the car doors locked when parked in the driveway.
  • Secure your golf cart by locking it in your garage/shed or chaining it.

Please avoid damage to plants and landscaping when parking on the Town medians and right of ways.